Smarty CRM

If you've always wanted to try to automate the relationship with customers and partners, but you were scared away by the high cost of implementing and complexity of the CRM systems, then Smarty CRM is what you need. Simple and easy in use interface of the system is readily to master even of the beginner. Well, if something seems unclear, responsive support staff will be always able to answer your questions promptly and will help to solve technical problems.

What opportunities does Smarty mini afford:

  • Allows you to control the period of work execution.
  • All information about the contacts and projects is available in one place and securely stored in the cloud.
  • To organize work in a team especially if some employees work remotely.
  • No longer needs to write down everything in the sheets or in a diary.
  • Summarizing we can say that CRM systems are already the today’s reality.

Smarty CRM: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

  • Number of users >30000
  • Number of added objects More than 5 000 000
  • Languages Ru, En, Fr, Es, Zh, De, Pt, Sr
  • Application for mobile devices Web, Android, iOS, Windows