Update Smarty CRM 3.0

14 May 2016

Now you can invite colleagues and subordinates in Smarty CRM. The invited users are provided with the same rights as the owner of the account except for two points. They are not allowed to delete the contacts and change settings. Mobile apps and action speed were also improved/ Version for iPhone as well as new rate plans are also waiting for you.

What's new?



This was the most important thing expected by users according to their responses sent to us from all over the world. Now you can invite colleagues and subordinates in Smarty CRM. The invited people are endowed with the same rights as administrator, except for two points. They can't delete contacts and make changes in the settings.

As for the pricing, the free rateplan remains in force. It contains 50 cards with contacts, as well as unlimited number of notes, goals and events in your calendar. The new corporate plans are activated for a monthly fee (from $5). This includes more than 50 cards with contacts and 3 or more users in your account. Read more >>>


Mobile Apps

Users of Apple products have a reason for joy. Smarty CRM is installed not only on iPad, as before, but also on iPhone.

Now all mobile platforms support push notifications. You do not need to run the program to receive them.

To download the app choose the platform:

iOS (iPhone and iPad);
Windows Phone.


Action Speed

We completed the app optimization that improved the stability and speed of work.

Moreover e-mail notifications wer added and settings improved. 

— The developers have prepared a set of notifications sent by e-mail, if a user performs certain actions. For example, he requests access to a chat, gets an invitation for teamwork, replenishes account or changes his rate plan.

— The settings have been redesigned as account supports not just one user as before. On the one hand, the filling has become more diverse, but on the other hand more ordered. Changes in the "Settings" can be performed only by the owner of the account.