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The company "Clouds Technologies" was founded in 2013 on the basis of another company with ten years history. Our mission involves creating innovative cloud solutions in the business process management sphere.



  • Update Smarty CRM 3.0

    14 May 2016

    Teamwork was the most important thing expected by users according to their responses sent to us from all over the world. Now you can invite colleagues and subordinates in Smarty CRM. The invited people are endowed with the same rights as administrator, except for two points. They can not delete contacts and make changes in the settings.

  • Apple surprised by new iPhone sales

    14 October 2014

    Impressive iPhone 6 sales start was marked not only by experts, but even the most demanding critics. The Tim Cook company's representative

  • Facebook is developing app for anonymous chatting

    12 October 2014

    As the reigning champion of social media, Facebook has adopted a fairly consistent strategy in dealing with upstart competitors: If you can't buy

  • Microsoft announcing Office Sway

    10 October 2014

    Microsoft is launching Sway today, a new app that’s part of the company’s Office family of products. It will sit alongside the regular Word, Excel


  • Smarty CRM

    Creating Smarty we focus on development the product for a wide range of users, and as known product for the masses should be available and even better it should be free.